DFE Launching TouchScreen
Tension Controller and Tension Indicator

See it at ICE USA 2019 Booth 522

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At April's ICE USA Exhibition in Louisville, KY from April 9th - 11th, 2019 attendees will be able to get some hands-on interactive time with the new tension measurement and control solutions from Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE).

Check out the NEW SteadyWeb6 Tension Controller.

Be sure not to miss the highly anticipated unveiling of DFE's next generation automatic tension controller at the ICE USA Exhibition in Louisville, KY, USA this April 9th-11th, 2019 at booth 522.

The NEW SteadyWeb6 is the most easy-to-setup, simple-to-use full-featured Tension Controller ever released in America. This controller is an affordable, easy-to-implement press or line upgrade with a fast ROI.

Your machine operators will be up-to-speed, controlling running web tension and generating defect-free product in minimal time with the intuitive SteadyWeb6 Tension Controller. The SteadyWeb6 sports a 5.0-inch multi-color touch screen for all navigation, selection, and adjustments. Standard features include Diameter, Taper and Auto Acceleration Compensation.

TriView™ LRT (Left-Right-Total) Tension Indicator

TriView Tension Indicator

Dover Flexo Electronics is pleased to introduce the TriView™ LRT (Left-Right-Total) Tension Indicator in an interactive demonstration at booth 3134. TriView incorporates a user-friendly touch screen that can display tension in one of two ways. Total tension is always displayed; the machine operator can select between viewing the roll's left end and right end measured tension values, OR a balance indication that shows any deviation between the left and right ends of the roll. OR you can switch between the two views.

This ability to view any tension variation across the length of a tension transducer roll makes it possible for machine operators to equalize the tension at both web edges by making appropriate manual or automatic machine adjustments. TriView is an especially useful diagnostic tool on wider web machines that may be experiencing uneven web tensions at the edges.

See a Demo of the new SteadyWeb6

Demo of SteadyWeb5

Your ability to maintain consistent tension in your converting, printing, or finishing process directly effects the output consistency of your products. Visitors can see the controller output effects of a web tension setpoint change in a live interactive demo using the new SteadyWeb6 Tension Controller with its touch screen user interface.

The SteadyWeb6 controller with Quik-Cal™ is configured in the demonstration to take a tension input signal from a Very Narrow Web (VNW) tension transducer mounted on a vertical frame. The controller output changes are reflected onscreen as tension variation is applied by hand onto the connected Narrow Web tension transducer.

EasyWeb Torque Controller

EasyWeb™ Torque Controller

Working with a tight budget AND require tension control for consistent finish quality of your label press output? Try installing a new EasyWeb Torque Controller on your web press or machine.

The EasyWeb™ keeps your tension stable, and within a desired tension range by tapering the torque down or up on a center-driven unwind or rewind based on an input signal from line-speed and roll-speed tachs, or from an ultrasonic sensor or rider roll.

This open-loop controller calculates the change in roll diameter throughout the winding or unwinding process and adjusts the torque output to your drive, clutch or brake to effectively taper web tension and keep your web from breaking, stretching, wrinkling, or curling.


The FireGuard2™ tension amplifier measures process tension while providing peace of mind to converters, printers, coaters and laminators whose machines and operators may be exposed to flammable solvent vapor.

The FireGuard2 is an Intrinsically Safe, UL listed electronic device for measuring process tension from a Class I Division I or 2 area. manufacturing area. FireGuard2 connects to tension transducers and a tension display installed in the hazardous area. By limiting energy delivered into the area to below the level required for spark ignition, FireGuard2 significantly reduces the risk of fire and explosion when used with Dover's tension transducers.

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