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Ben Harvie
Repaired Model DS Tension Transducers

Model D Transducers (pre-1990's) Still in Service

The customer needed a fast turnaround for their DS 3.22 transducer repair so they could get their machine running again. Quick turnarounds for repairs, and for standard product deliveries, are a point of pride for Dover Flexo Electronics and our manufacturing team. But when our Customer Service team received the returned transducers for evaluation and repair, they were initially concerned that the factory might not have the necessary parts in stock. After all, the units were thirty(30) years old and had been in operation on a single machine for the past twenty years. The model D transducer hasn't been manufactured for sale since the early 1990's.

DFE's quality and repair technicians tested both transducers, but only one showed a failure. This is often the case. Then, when our service tech disassembled the malfunctioning unit, he found it needed a single part, luckily. Most manufacturing companies do not stock parts for ten, twenty-or in this case twenty-five-years to make repairs on obsolete products. That includes DFE. Fortunately, the team was resourceful in locating the right replacement part in a random spare parts lot, along with two clean housings for the pair of transducers. The DS 3.22 transducers were re-assembled, cleaned up, tested and shipped within two (2) days of entering DFE for evaluation and repair.

There aren't many industrial components that run for thirty years without fail. And while Dover Flexo Electronics does not stock spare parts for all outdated products, our customer support and production teams are dedicated to resolving customers' product issues as quickly as possible. Quality, reliability and quick response are what make DFE the industry leader in tension control.

These model DS transducers are back on the converting machinery they belong on, and ready for more hard years of service.

This model has been replaced by our Model C.

TriView LTR Tension Indicator

Is Your Cross-machine Web Tension Uniform?

Sometimes, when running web wider than a few feet, you can spot some unexpected bagginess, wrinkles or curl on one edge of the web that doesn't exist on the other. For diagnosing tension differential between both edges of your running web, or just to verify the tension is even from edge to edge, new TriViewTM (Left-Right-Total) Tension Indicator is the right device for the job.

TriView's user-friendly touch screen displays total tension, and shows the web's left- and right-side measured tension values, OR it shows a balance indication with any deviation between the left and right edges measured by an installed tension-sensing roll. Access to features and swapping view modes is a simple screen tap.ti31

idler roll with integrated tension transducers

Need to Control Tension on a REALLY Wide Web?

An idler roll with integrated tension transducers built into each end, the Tension Roll transducer is famous for being extremely rugged and long-lasting. It is the most reliable device of its kind in the converting and printing industries, while also being available on short lead times. Because Dover Flexo Electronics uses state-of-the-art roll production equipment, and has also recently increased its capabilities to machine raw stock, the company can meet demanding specifications and delivery requirements.

Need your tension rolls to be longer or to have a specialty finish or covering, or be able to operate at high speed? We welcome the opportunity to meet your strictest requirements.

Model F tension transducers

Go Heavy-Duty with the Model F Tension Transducer

Are you running idler rolls in pillow-block bearings on your machinery? The F transducer is a heavy-duty flat-style transducer that accurately measures web tension in machines using live-shaft idler rolls. One F transducer mounts under the pillow block bearing at each end of the roll shaft. Designed for use in demanding tension measurement environments—like paper processing—these transducers are built to last. The F transducer is housed in a rugged, corrosion-resistant base with a tethered stainless-steel top plate.

The heavy-duty F-type Tension Transducer replaces DFE's earlier model UPB transducers.

No Squeal™ Brakes

Stop Squealing Brakes with Silencer Pads

Pneumatic brakes can sometimes generate unpleasant noise for machine operators due to a variety of factors including vibration and friction pad wear. Brake manufacturers like DFE have spent years researching methods to counter squealing brake issues for customers. Three years ago our engineering team developed a squeal-killing cure with the design of a special friction pad that we call the Silencer™.

No Squeal™ Brakes

FireGuard2 Intrinsically Safe Tension Indicator

The FireGuard2 indicator measures process tension while providing peace of mind to converters, printers, coaters and laminators whose machines and operators may be exposed to flammable solvent vapor.The FireGuard2 shares the same footprint as original FireGuard Indicator, but runs on 24 VDC power.

Tension Roll Refurbishing

Tension Roll Transducer Refurbishing

Customers can usually save about 50% of the cost of a new Tension Roll Transducer by sending in an existing Tension Roll Transducer for refurbishing service (includes refinishing). Is it worth it? Check out a couple recent DFE Tension Roll transducer repairs with refinishing.

Easy Web

EasyWeb Torque Controller

The EasyWeb Torque Controller keeps tension stable, and within a desired tension range by tapering the torque down or up on a center-driven unwind or rewind based on an input signal from line-speed and roll-speed tachs, or from an ultrasonic sensor or rider roll.

The EasyWeb calculates the change in roll diameter throughout your winding or unwinding process and adjusts the torque output to your drive, clutch or brake to effectively taper web tension and keep your web from breaking, stretching, wrinkling, or curling. It allows the machine operator to focus on other aspects of your process than having to manually adjust the web tension for a quality outcome.


SteadyWeb5™ Tension Controller with Communications Options

The SteadyWeb5 digital tension controller maintains set tension on a web in any zone to improve process consistency. The controller's new web-server option allows Ethernet communication for setup and control via connected PC or remotely from a wi-fi-enabled smart device.

For setup and configuration, SteadyWebTM5 users have a choice of the onboard graphic interface with a color backlit LCD and convenient scroll knob, or a communications option.

Go to our CPP-Cleveland Show 2012 page to see more news.


SteadyWeb5™ Web Tension Controller

With closed-loop digital PID control the SteadyWebTM5 maintains set tension on the web to improve process consistency. The large, bright LCD display with color graphics simplifies setup and configuration, so that production engineers and maintenance techs can get machine operators trained in less time. The large front-panel knob allows quick and easy navigation and tension adjustment.


TwinAmp™ Dual Tension Amplifier

Models Ti27 and Ti28

Like DFE's Ti11 Dual Indicator, the new TwinAmpTM Tension Amplifier is a versatile, rack-mount tension transducer interface for monitoring web tension in any two sensing zones simultaneously. Two Independent circuits on one card give the user cabinet space savings and lower cost than two separate amplifier cards.

EasyView Tension Indicators

EasyView™ Tension Indicator

EasyView™ is a compact, low-cost general-purpose web tension amplifier with display for printers, converters and web process manufacturers.

The EasyView indicator is powered by 24 Volts DC and amplifies a web tension signal from tension transducers installed in a machine’s web path....[more]

TruView Tension Indicators

TrueView™ Tension Indicators

with Quik-Cal™ Push-button Zero and Calibrate

TrueViewT™ is a compact, low-cost general-purpose web tension amplifier and display for printers, converters and web process manufacturers.

The TrueView indicator amplifies a web tension signal from tension transducers in a process web path and displays the true tension reading on an analog or digital meter in the users preferred units....[more]

Narrow Web Tension Transducers

NW Narrow Web Tension Transducers

Measure Tension on Narrow Web Presses

DFE has released a new line of narrow web tension transducers that can measure light to heavy running tension on web widths from six inches to twenty inches on printing presses and converting machinery.

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