TwinAmp™ Rack-Mount Tension Amplifier

The TwinAmp™ Ti27 Tension Amplifier (and Ti28 powered by 24Vdc) is a versatile, dual-channel (2-channels), rack-mount tension transducer interface for monitoring tension in any two tension-sensing zones simultaneously on web processing machinery.

Models Ti27 and Ti28

Two independent and isolated tension amplifier circuits are included on one card saving you space and money.

Each amplifier of the TwinAmp powers a pair of tension transducers installed in the web path, and supplies an output proportional to tension. Standard tension outputs include 0-to-10 VDC isolated and 4-to-20 mA DC isolated for use with a drive, controller or PLC. Also, a 1 mA DC signal is available for displaying tension on an analog or digital meter for reference by the machine operator.

The base card for the TwinAmp is an IEC/ANSI/IEEE type 2 plug-in circuit card 6.8" x 3.9" (17.3cm x 9.9cm) for installation in a standard size 3U, 19-inch rack. The device includes a front panel with a pull handle for easy removal.

Each amplifier circuit includes its own ZERO and CALIBRATION Quik-CalTM push buttons, a meter damping adjustment, and LED status lights. The Quik-Cal feature makes calibrating the device output over your measurement range simple and fast; while the isolated, digitally-enhanced circuitry ensures drift-free output. The TwinAmp's cost is significantly lower than the purchase of two individual tension amplifiers with comparable features.

The only difference between the TI27 and the TI28 TwinAmp versions is their power input requirements. The Ti27 operates on 115Vac 60Hz (230Vac 50Hz optional) and the Ti28 operates on 24Vdc, power supplied separately.

The Ti27 and Ti28 indicators are CE-marked. They have been thoroughly tested in all configurations and meet European low voltage and EMC (CE mark) directives.


  • 115 Volt ac 50/60 Hz power input (Ti27) or 24 Vdc (Ti28)
  • Isolated Outputs. 0-to-10 Vdc and 4-to-20 mA outputs proportional to tension. Integrated isolation from chassis and transducer ground.
  • Tension Meter Output. Separate 0-to-1 mA signal output for a tension meter.
  • Meter Damping. Adjustment minimizes fluctuation of the optional analog tension meter needle.
  • Quik-CalTM push-button zero and calibration eliminates pot adjustments to make calibrating simple and fast. 50:1 calibration range.
  • 10% Calibration Weight Ratio. A 15 lb Calibration weight allows full meter-scale output at 150 lbs tension.


  • winAmp™ improves machine operation and productivity by making it easier to run proper tension, gain a higher level of process control and reductions of waste, web breaks, and other web problems.
  • Savings. Two rack-mountable tension amplifiers on one card save space, installation time, and money.
  • Simple to setup, adjust and calibrate with Quik-Cal™ technology.
  • CE-marked means safe and reliable performance. Robust design with integrated isolation and circuit stabilization including noise and surge protection for the most demanding industrial environments.
  • Unparalleled Output Stability. Drift-free performance even over wide temperature swings and negligible channel cross talk.
  • Backwards compatible. Packaging matches dimensional footprint of the Ti11 Dual Tension Indicator design. Allows easy replacement if necessary.


  • 230 Volt Input (230). 230Volt 50/60 Hz Ac power input. Ti27 only.
  • 25% Calibration Weight (25CW). Used when 25% of full-scale calibration weight is preferred to the standard 10% calibration weight. Jumper selectable.
  • 0-100 mA (100M) tension meter output.
  • Auto Zero (AZ). Unit will automatically zero the output on each power up. Jumper selected on or off.
  • Extended Range (XRE). Extends the tension sensing range of XR-equipped transducers to effectively increase the transducer sensitivity for very low web tensions. Transducers must also have the XR option.


  • Plug-in Adapter, for hard wiring. TwinAmp™ can be plugged into this card adapter instead of a rack for hard wiring, or for mounting in your own enclosure. (DFE Part# 143-0000)
  • Analog tension meter. 1mA, to be installed by user (DFE Part# 722-1385). Or meter in its own enclosure (DFE Part# 723-1453). Enclosed meter requires a cable (DFE Part# 721-0967). Specify max scale value when ordering.
  • Digital tension meter. 4-digit, LED meter (DFE Part# 723-2307). Specify scale. Requires 24 Vdc provided by user.

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