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Digital Tension Controllers

Set your desired tension and Dover Flexo Electronics digital tension controllers will maintain it. Easy-to-configure DFE controllers automatically compensate for variations in roll diameter, speed, and web material characteristics.

Download Tension Controller Feature Comparison Chart

All controllers offer:

  • Choice of output modes to be used with an electric brake, pneumatic brake or clutch, eddy current clutch or variable speed drive.
  • Large, easy-to-view tension meters.
  • Choice of enclosure styles.
  • Standard emergency stop, auto/manual control modes, bumpless switching and soft start features.
SteadyWeb6 Digital Tension Controller

Tension Controller

Introducing the SteadyWeb6™ Digital Tension Controller. It's the newer, faster, better digital version of the popular SteadyWeb™ automatic web tension controller. A full-featured closed-loop PID tension controller for use in any web zone, the SteadyWeb6™ helps production technicians get machine operators trained and up-to-speed on tension control in less time.

SteadyWeb5 Tension Controller

Tension Controller

The SteadyWeb5™ Tension Controller combines a full-featured, automatic, closed-loop tension control unit with the most intuitive user interface ever developed for the web process industries. Its stable output and versatility in managing web tension in the most challenging applications are unmatched.

EasyWeb Torque Controller

Torque Controller

The EasyWeb™ is an open loop torque controller designed to maintain constant web tension or provide taper tension to center driven rewind or unwind applications.