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Custom Load Cell, Custom Transducers, & Custom Products

At DFE we base our entire success on our ability to deliver the most rugged, accurate and reliable control solutions on the market, whether they come off-the-shelf or custom-designed. A free application analysis from DFE will determine whether or not a standard solution is appropriate. The products listed represent only a few recent specials that were manufactured to fit into non-standard customer applications.

Controller Multi-Pack

SteadyWeb™ Controller Multi-Pack

DFE can package several controllers including display units into a single device to read tension easily in multiple zones.

Segmented Tension Roll

A segmented Tension Roll transducer designed to measure independent tension of up to 10 narrow webs running in parallel on a machine.

Thermal Expansion Trandsducer

Thermal Expansion Transducer

Based on the Model C, this transducer was designed for a specific application in the textile industry. Special transducer coupling allows for thermal expansion of the idler roll. Reliable transducer performance is possible over a wide temperature operating range (-10°F to 200°F).

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