iAMP2™ Inline Tension Amplifier

The iAMP2™ (model Ti22) is a compact amplifier module that connects 'inline' via cables with standard industrial connectors,
or via cables with flying leads and connectors, to DFE tension transducers

Model Ti22

iAmp2's function is to convert millivolt-level transducer output signals to a 0-to-10 Volt DC signal proportional to tension and a 0-to-1mA signal proportional to tension.


Using an iAMP2™ module is a simple alternative to mounting a larger, less flexible electronics device--usually a transducer-interface circuit card or complete indication package--on a press or machine frame for tension monitoring. Because it is easily hidden, the iAmp is an ideal tension amplifier for OEMs and system integrators.

The iAMP2™ connects in one of two ways to the transducer(s) and to your PLC, drive or other control device. Connections from tension transducers to the iAmp2 can be made directly via cable with standard industrial connectors on both ends (1C configuration) or via cable with flying leads going into terminal strips at the input and output of the iAmp2 (TT configuration).

With the Quik-Cal™ feature recessed push buttons on the module face are used instead of potentiometers for zero and calibration settings. This saves valuable setup time since no tension display is needed, no screwdriver is needed, and no second person is needed to assist. The Zero and Cal settings are stored digitally.


  • 0 - 1 mA meter output proportional to tension
  • 0 - 10 VDC tension signal output
  • Quik-Cal&rade; pushbutton zero and calibration
  • Field-retrofittable to all DFE transducers
  • Small package ensures application flexibility
  • Inline version can be stowed in cable tray or mounted to DIN rail
  • XRE Extended Range option -- for increased sensitivity at lower load
  • DIN-rail mounting clip and "Hook and Loop" mounting


illustration of iamp2 cable accessories


iamp2 enclosure

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