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Tension Displays, Tension Indicators, & Tension Amplifiers

Dover Flexo Electronics offers a wide variety of tension displays, tension indicators, and tension amplifiers. All models are compatible with any type of DFE transducer and are used to measure actual tension and display it on an analog or digital meter. Additional voltage and current outputs, proportional to tension, can be used to interface with drive systems, controllers, computers, or recorders.

Download Amplifier/Indicator Feature Comparison Chart

These indicators can also be used as a reference to control tension manually. Options are available to customize any indicator to fit special requirements.

TriView Left-Right-Total Tension Indicator

TriView™ Left-Right-Total
Tension Indicator

Model Ti31: The TriView Left-Right-Total tension indicator displays web tension on a large, bright LCD touch screen. Total tension is continuously displayed digitally and on a simulated analog scale readout. By tapping the touch screen a machine operator can select either left and right tension readings below the main screen, or a balance indication showing the deviation between Left and Right edges.

TwinAmp Dual Tension Amplifier

Dual Tension Amplifier

Models Ti27 & Ti28: Like DFE's Ti11 Dual Indicator, the new TwinAmp™ Tension Amplifier is a versatile, rack-mount tension transducer interface for monitoring web tension in any two sensing zones simultaneously. Two Independent circuits on one card give the user cabinet space savings and lower cost than two separate amplifier cards. 0-to-10Vdc isolated output and 4-to-20 mA isolated output and 0-to-1 mA outputs proportional to tension.

TrueView Tension Indicators

Tension Indicators

Models Ti23 & Ti24: The TrueView™ tension indicator with Quik-Cal™ push-button zero and calibration is a compact general purpose display device for monitoring running web tension on web or filament processing machinery.

iAMP2 Inline Tension Amplifier

Inline Tension Amplfier

The iAMP2 is a compact amplifier / interface module that connects directly (via standard industrial connectors) to DFE tension transducers, or "\"inline" on transducer connector cables.

TrueTension Ti17C and Ti18C

Ti17C & Ti18C

Tension Amplifiers: The TrueTension™ TIi7C amplifier with Quik-Cal™ push-button zero and calibration is a versatile single-channel tension transducer interface (amplifier) for monitoring tension in any zone on web or filament processing machinery.

EasyView Indicators


Tension indicator, panel-mount or in enclosure, with large digital or analog readouts. Displays actual tension from tension transducers. The EasyView Indicator is a compact, general-purpose tension display device.

FireGuard2 Intrinsically Safe Amplifier

Intrinsically Safe Amplifier

An intrinsically safe interface between transducers and a Dover controller, drive system or computer. FireGuard is UL Listed for use when tension transducers and analog tension meter (optional) are located in hazardous Class I Division 1 or 2 area.