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Do DFE's Silencer Pads Really Stop Brake Squeal?


Because pneumatic brakes running in an industrial environment have historically been prone to generate unpleasant noise for machine operators, brake manufacturers like DFE spent significant engineering time researching methods to counter the problem of squealing brakes.

In 2011 the engineering team at Dover Flexo Electronics completed development of a squeal-killing solution that works consistently and is cost effective. DFE released the Silencer™ friction pad, which, when used with Dover Flexo’s pneumatic dual disk brakes, has proven to be effective in eliminating unwanted pneumatic brake noise for over five years now.

Still, some in the industry (DFE competitors) question the validity of DFE’s Silencer pad technology as a long term solution for eradicating problem brake noise in heavy industrial applications.

Glyn Green, Dover Flexo's Technical Support Manager, has this rebuttal to the Silencer pad doubters:

"While our competitors are welcome to question, I know of no instance when the Silencer has not been successful in squeal elimination. There have been some instances of misapplication resulting in less than best results but this has been resolved when we explain the proper installation of the pads. Then the squeal has been eliminated."

"I have been the recipient of a number of questions and have read some comments regarding the Silencer by others that indicate a certain level of uninformed opinion. The tension brakes we deal with are not automobile brakes and have little in common with them as to function and results. The tension brake is a continuous friction device rather than an intermittent device such as the automobile brake and thus has a different structural reaction and vibration pattern. The data gathered by testing of automobile brakes has little to no relation to tension brake applications nor on the noise generated by the operation of industrial tension brakes."

"Dover Flexo Electronics, through years of extensive research and testing, was able to isolate the prime reason for the vibration harmonics at the root of the noise problem and eliminate this through the insertion of a proprietary material into the assembly of the brake pad. If properly applied the Silencer pads will stop brake squeal thus improving the work environment of not only the machine operators but any staff with need to enter the area of the machine."

"Positive comments from customers have made the efforts to develop the Silencer pad well worthwhile."

Dover Flexo Electronics has the solution to problem brake squeal. Part of the solution is to ensure that brakes are properly installed and aligned for the web application and individual running conditions on a machine. Then, if improper installation doesn't seem to be the root cause of a machine's brake squeal issue, we introduce DFE's patent pending Silencer™ friction pads.

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