TriWheel™ Tension System

A modular, configurable load cell fixture designed to measure the tension of wire, cable or filament processes.

The TriWheel™ Tension System is a modular fixture designed to be installed individually or stacked in an array. The system incorporates a set of wheels with adjustable positions, allowing an operator to select from multiple wrap angles.  The minimum wrap angle position can be helpful when working with high tension applications or rigid materials with bend limitations.  The maximum wrap angle narrows the measurement range of the load cell to deliver the highest possible accuracy and resolution for a selected load rating.

The heart of the TriWheel™ system is a high-performance semiconductor strain gauge load cell providing up to 33 times more signal output than similar foil gauge systems. The TriWheel™ fixture incorporates ceramic pulleys and adjustable track eyelets able to withstand wear from steel, copper, glass, carbon fiber and composite filament. Designed with quick integration in mind, the TriWheel™ system is compatible with DFE amplifiers, indicators and controllers featuring Quik-Cal™ technology for rapid, reliable calibration.

Tension is measured by strain gauges embedded on a dual cantilevered beam and connected in a full wheatstone bridge configuration. As the filament passes over the rotating wheel assembly coupled to the end of the transducer, the beam deflects slightly in response to tension. This produces a voltage signal proportional to tension. The output signal can be displayed as actual tension with a tension indicator or input to a closed-loop tension controller to modulate a torque device and maintain a precise tension set point.

Load Rating Wrap Angle Position
Min – Max Tension
10 180 deg 0 – 6.3 lbs
10 10.5 deg 0 – 68 lbs
25 180 deg 0 – 16 lbs
25 10.5 deg 0 – 171 lbs
50 180 deg 0 – 31 lbs
50 10.5 deg 0 – 342 lbs
100 180 deg 0 – 63 lbs
100 10.5 deg 0 – 683 lbs
200 180 deg 0 – 125 lbs
200 10.5 deg 0 – 1366 lbs

5 year tension-free warranty
• Highly accurate and reliable semiconductor strain gage technology
• Stackable form-factor
• Wheels fit filaments up to 7mm in diameter
• Ceramic wear surfaces for reliability and long-life
• Load ratings available from 10 – 200 lbs (45 – 890N) for a wide operating range
• Configurable wrap angles for a wide selection of tension ranges and material paths

• Accurate tension measurement of any wire, cable or filament
• Improve product quality and consistency in any filament process
• Reduced material waste
• Higher production with less downtime

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