Universal Actuator™

Braking force is applied between the two discs on opposing sides of a dual disc brake by DFE's time-proven Universal Actuator™.
Each actuator is comprised of twin brake cylinders that can be activated independently.

We refer to the actuator as Universal because of its simple interchangeability between dual disc brakes of different sizes. The same actuator is used in varying quantities for DFE Dual Disc Brakes from the 90 Series on up.

The Universal Actuator is also interchangeable with the pneumatic cylinder assemblies on some of the standard dual disc brakes of other manufacturers. An example of a Universal Actuator retrofit we completed at International Paper is described in a case history (pdf).

Advantages of the Dual Disc brake with Universal Actuator design include hassle-free friction pad removal and installation--no tools are required to change brake pads, a patented quick-change pad release lock, a limited travel actuator piston that prevents disc scoring, and a return spring that cannot puncture the actuator diaphragm.

Benefits of a Universal Actuator™ Assembly

  • Proprietary 'quick-change' release locks allow friction pads to be changed out in seconds without tools. Because the machine operator can do this himself, downtime for pad changes by maintenance personnel is eliminated. Actuator bolts never need to be loosened to make pad changes.
  • Zero-maintenance piston design. The piston diaphragms are sealed from contact with the actuator spring. This feature, in conjunction with DFE's limited-travel piston, has eliminated the possibility of a blown diaphragm. The limited-travel pistons also prevent disc scoring.
  • All DFE products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 5 years--the industry's longest warranty.
  • Replacing the existing actuator assembly with DFE's user-friendly alternative is more efficient and less expensive than replacing an entire brake. Savings are substantial if upgrading multiple unwinds.

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