Under Pillow Block Tension Transducers

For tension measurement applications with a high load (heavy tension) on the substrate and idler rolls in the web path, the UPBH or SUPB transducers were the tension sensing tools to use. But now we offer something better.

Please note that DFE's F Series Transducers supersede the UPBH and SUPB style transducers that you may be familiar with. We have replaced the UPB-style transducers with the F-style transducers which provide identical flat Under Pillow Block mounting in a design with enhanced stability and additional features.

When calling to replace a UPB or SUPB transducer, please plan on upgrading in a pair, since you'll need two transducers of the same height to work together.

UPBH, UPBV and SUPB transducers were heavy duty tension transducers made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum and are built to last. The design eliminates the use of a hinge making it more reliable and stronger than other Under Pillow Block transducers on the market.

If your application has a web speed over 1000 FPM, please fill out a Critical Speed Analysis form and fax it back to us.

UPB and SUPB Tension Transducer Capabilities

  • Install under any standard pillow block bearing
  • Low maintenance design - lifetime lubricated
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Load ratings from 100 - 5000 lbs.(450 - 22250N)
  • Available in two frame sizes
  • Entire length of top plate is clear for pillow block
  • installation only along center line
  • Use with live or dead shaft idlers
  • Parallelogram construction (UPBH)

Note: Some industry professionals prefer the term 'load cell' to 'transducer' when refering to these tension-sensing devices, but at DFE we've adopted the more accurate description of tension transducer.

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