Does DFE make tension transducers that can be used in a vacuum environment?


Yes we do! In specifying transducers for use in a vacuum application we'll ask for additional application information. We'll need to know what model tension transducers are desired, the level of vacuum under which the transducers will operate, and the specific process that they'll be used for.

Because of out gassing and air entrapment within a transducer under vacuum, we can't simply install a standard transducer into a vacuum chamber. Each of the fasteners used in the transducers must be modified to allow evacuation of the air within the cavity. Any lubricants used in the transducer bearings must be prescribed for use in a vacuum. All connectors and cabling must be compatible with vacuum use, and the standard RTV coating that DFE uses on the transducers must be left out of the process.

We must also know what temperatures the transducers will be exposed to in the chamber. In some cases the transducers may need to be moved to another roller due to a temperature extreme present at the intended roll position in the machine web-path. Please ask a Dover Flexo Electronics Applications Engineer for assistance in specifying a particular tension transducer for use in a vacuum application.

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