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How do I know when I need tension control on a machine?


If your manufacturing process involves -

  • printing on material that comes off a roll (ie. not sheet-fed)
  • coating
  • laminating
  • extruding
  • slitting
  • rewinding, unwinding, or processing of any continuous web, ribbon or filament of any material

then accurate tension control can save you money.

Tension control allows manufacturers to dramatically reduce process deviations and inconsistencies which have negative effects on product quality, product rolls and sheets.

Typical tension related problems include:

  • web breaks
  • wrap-ups
  • misregistration of color print
  • web deformation due to stretching or wrinkling of laminated substrate
  • coating thickness variations
  • unwind or rewind core crushing
  • hard rolls or soft rolls
  • telescoping rolls

All of these problems lead to excessive waste and low productivity.

By reducing material waste and allowing a process to run at higher speeds with consistent quality output, an effective web tension control system will not only improve a machines bottom line performance but will pay for itself in as little as a few weeks.

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