Discontinued Products

Resources and Documents Available for End of Life Products

WebHandler™ 1 Digital Tension Controller

Please note:The WebHandler1 Tension Controller has been superseded by the SteadyWeb5 Tension Controller which provides all the functionality of the WebHandler1 plus much more at a competitive price.

WebHandler™ 3 Digital Tension Controller

Please note: The WebHandler3 Tension Controller has been superseded by the SteadyWeb5 Tension Controller which provides all the functionality of the WebHandler3 plus much more at a competitive price.

SteadyWeb™ Automatic Tension Controller

The most versatile, easy-to-use automatic tension controller available. Latest model is the SteadyWeb™ 6.

Newer models do not require the now discontinued SteadyWeb Splicer, or Microprocessor

SteadyView™ Tension Indicator

Microprocessor-based transducer interface with large digital and analog readouts. Displays actual tension from tension transducers. The SteadyView Indicator is a compact, programmable device with a serial interface for connection to computer or PLC. Switch between English and metric units on digital display without recalibration. Choose display items in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

Wall Mount version has been discontinued

Model Ti15 TrueTension™ Left-Right-Total Indicator

A three position rotary switch on the front of the enclosure allows the machine operator to select total tension or display the tension at either side of the web. This makes it easy to equalize the tension at the edges by means of appropriate manual or automatic adjustments to the machine. The Ti15 works with a Tension Roll® transducer or a pair of standard DFE tension transducers to measure web tension. The shaft-end transducers are mounted one on each end of a dead or live shaft idler roll. The output signal from the itransducers is amplified by the TI15 and displayed on a large meter which is calibrated to read actual tension. The voltage output, proportional to tension, can be used simultaneously from each channel, with a recorder, computer or automatic control system. No risk. The Ti15 is covered by DFE’s 5 year warranty.

Roll Shell Transducer

Dover’s Roll Shell Transducer (RS) was a special variation on the Model C transducer that, when used in pairs, attached into each end of an idler roll shell. Without other shaft or external bearing hardware, this transducer provided for a quick and easy tension-sensing roll installation at an attractive total hardware cost.

THN Transducer

The THN (thin) transducer was a sophisticaled electro-mechanical device that measured tension in any kind of continuous web.