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Sizing Calculator

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our expert assistance in selecting or sizing the right transducer for your application.

Sizing Calculator

Use this download link to grab a copy of DFE's useful Excel spreadsheet that helps determine the correct transducer load rating for your selected transducer type. The spreadsheet also has worksheet pages for determining the correct brake size you will need if trying to select a pneumatic disc brake. The spreadsheet calculator has tabbed pages for each transducer model and brake size.

  • Right click and 'save as' to save the file to your hard drive.
  • Find the file on your hard drive. Open it.
  • Select the tab that has your desired product type.
  • For a transducer (or transducer pair), complete form with the missing requested data for your application. Once the net force is calculated by the formula in the spreadsheet, use the chart to select the corresponding load rating for your transducer.

Transducer Sizing Calculator (xls)

Using this spreadsheet can become a bit complicated and confusing because it's the same tool that our experienced application engineers use. We understand that, and apologize in advance for any difficulties you may encounter.

If you do have any trouble using this tool, you are encouraged to contact one of DFE's application engineers with your application data so that they can do the calculating for you. We don't want your experience with product selection to be frustrating, so please let the DFE staff help you.

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