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Technical Bulletins & Application Notes

Technical Bulletins and white papers describe aspects of tension measurement or control, or product features and characteristics in more depth than you might find in a data sheet. These documents answer some frequently asked questions.

We update this section regularly, so please check back or ask us if you’re looking for a topic that we should address.

Technical Bulletins (pdf files)

Web Process Control Through Tension Sensing
An overview of various methods of web control with an explanation of why direct tension sensing systems with automatic control work best.

Tension 101: Closed-Loop PID Tension Control
A Brief Overview of Tension Transducers and Automatic Tension Control and PID Closed-loop Control

Tension Transducer Strain Gages: Which Technology is Better?
A defense of silicon (semiconductor) strain gages versus foil gages for tension sensing in load cells and transducers.

3 Different Approaches to Web Tension Measurement

Tension Control By Zone

Quik-Cal™ Push-Button Zero and Calibration Set
Explains Quik-CalTM feature on the TI17C and TI18C Amplifiers

True Tension™ TI17C and TI18C
Comparing Output Voltage at Ambient and Cycled Temperatures.

Application Notes

Case Histories, Success Stories)
tension management on fabric

An application note briefly describes a customer production problem that DFE helped solve by installing and applying tension measurement, display or control devices. We also call these case histories, success stories, and product solutions. We update this section regularly, so please check back or ask us if you’re looking for a specific application. All files are pdfs.

Re-engineering Gives Converter A Big Bang For The Buck
Arkwright Inc enhances overall process control by installing TR Tension Roll transducers for tension measurement.

Making It Easier To Unwind At The Paper Mill
Big brake meets high torque challenge.

Improved Quality for Blown Film Manufacturers
Tension control increases consistency while reducing defects.

Brake Upgrades Lower Maintenance Costs
Universal ActuatorsTM reduce labor-intensive repair tasks.

Improvements For Tire Producers
Tension control delivers scrap reduction and improved product quality to the rubber handling at a large Tire manufacturer.

Proper Tension Prevents Flex-Pak Print Problems
Tension monitoring retrofit allows a flexible packaging converter to keep close tabs on loose web.

Newspaper Press Tension Measurement
Diagnostic Tools for Improving press performance by quantifying and managing tension.

DFE Splicer Circuitry Improves Hi-Cone Productivity
Manufacturing beverage carriers from 13 mil LDPE presents it own set of converting challenges, but also some of the same concerns as any other web-handling operation - among them tension control. [Retrofit article from Converting Magazine.]

Dow Jones Reduces Downtime And Wasted Paper With Tension Measurement Devices
Indicator installation on Goss Newsliner four-color tower unit.

Segmented Tension Rolls As Quality Testers
Minneapolis based ATMI uses Segmented Tension Roll to measure film quality.

Controlling Polypropylene Stretch in Paperboard Laminating
Tension control has a critical effect on processes with extensible films. A Michigan manufacturer of recycled paperboard cartons had problems in laminating the PP substrate web over the paperboard web because of inconsistent stretching of the film layer.

Controlling Tension Over a Wide Tension Range
There are several approaches to controlling a wide range of tensions on a converting machine or press that runs multiple substrate types or thicknesses. One solution is the use of multiple transducers in a single location.

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