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Wire and Cable Tension Control Systems

DFE's Equipment Can Retrofit Most Winding Machines

Wire and Cable Tension Control

The manufacture of wire and cable products requires consistent tension be maintained in order to deliver repeatable quality results, minimize downtime and boost operator efficiency.  Dover Flexo Electronics’ family of Ribbon and Filament transducers (load cells) combined with a closed-loop tension controller provide a turn-key solution to upgrade machines quickly and affordably.

           DFE Ribbon Filament Transducers running yellow wire


Some Benefits of Wire and Cable Tension Control Include:

  • Minimized stretch or breakage during manufacture
  • Increased manufacturing speeds
  • Decreased wrap-up incidents
  • Wider range of products able to be produced on a single machine
  • Higher quality products
  • Less reliance on specialized/multiple machine operators

Typical turn-key tension control solutions incorporate:

Customers integrating tension control with a PLC most often utilize:


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