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TA1 True Tension™ Amplifier

The TA1 True Tension™ Amplifier is a compact, single-channel tension transducer interface. It’s built-in diagnostic capability quickly identifies faulty load cells, incorrect wiring, calibration issues and amplifier ADC/DAC failure.  The TA1 amplifier is a natural choice for the OEM or end user seeking value in web tension monitoring or control applications.

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Market Leader for Tension Control Products used in the web processing, printing and finishing industries

Over 100,000 tension transducers installed!

Dover Flexo Electronics Inc. (DFE) manufactures, sells and services a complete line of tension measurement, tension display and tension control products for a wide variety of industries worldwide. DFE transducers are the industry standard for direct tension sensing and measurement. We are a recognized leader in tension technology.

Our products are used in unwind, rewind, and intermediate applications for any moving continuous material which undergoes an operation such as printing, coating, laminating, treating, metallizing, rewinding, unwinding, slitting, coating or other processes. Tension measurement and control systems for flexible packaging and paper, film and foil converting are our specialty.

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