Tension Controller Comparison Chart

Compare the features of all DFE tension controllers.
 SteadyWeb™ 6 Tension ControllerEasyWeb™ Torque Controller
SteadyWeb 6 Digital Tension ControllerEasyWeb Torque Controller
115/230 VAC Input PowerYesYes
24 VDC Input PowerYesYes
Closed-Loop Control via Load Cell FeedbackYesNo
Open-Loop ControlNoYes
Auto & Manual Control ModesYesYes
User Interface (HMI)Resistive LCD TouchscreenOLED w/Softkeys & Dial
Display Resolution480 x 2722 x 16
Isolated 0-10 VDC OutputYesYes
Isolated 4-20 mA OutputYesYes
0-24 VDC OutputYes (4 Amps, Integrated)Yes (5 Amps, Ext Module)
0-75 PSI OutputYes (Ext. Pneumatic Module)Yes (Ext. Pneumatic Module)
Remote Tension Amplifier CapabilityYesN/A
Meter Damping (External)YesN/A
Speed Follower ModeYesN/A
Diameter Compensated Speed Follower ModeYesN/A
Soft Start by TensionYesN/A
Soft Start by Line SpeedYesYes
Reverse OutputYesN/A
Taper Tension or TorqueYesYes
Tension Limit LowYesDiameter Min
Tension Limit HighYesDiameter Max
Remote Auto-Manual ModeYesYes
Remote Auto Set pointYesN/A
Remote Tension-On / Tension-OffYesYes
Sample & Hold & RatioYesN/A
Direct Diameter Input (0-10 VDC)YesYes
Diameter Input (Network Device)NoNo
Ethernet ConnectivityYes, via RS232 GatewayNo
Modbus & Serial ConnectivityYes, RS232/RS485No
Display DampingYesYes
Available Mounting StylesPanel-Mount, Steel EnclosurePanel-Mount, Steel Enclosure
Storage & Recall of Job Setups32 JobsN/A
User-Friendly Setup & CalibrationYesYes
Tension Limit SwitchYesN/A
Built-In DiagnosticsYesNo