RFA Ribbon Filament Tension Transducer / Load Cell

A cantilevered load cell designed to measure the tension of a ribbon, filament, wire, cable or very narrow web process.

Patterned after the legendary Model C transducer, the Ribbon Filament Transducer’s cantilevered form factor is ideal for wire, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, composite and other flexible substrates. Three standard wheels are available – ribbon (1"-4" wide), filament and an adapter wheel which functions as a hub for mounting custom wheels. Three mounting styles are available: Screw, Flange and Pillow-Block.

Tension is measured by high performance semiconductor strain gauges embedded on a dual cantilevered beam and connected in a full wheatstone bridge configuration. As the ribbon or filament passes over a rotating wheel assembly coupled to the end of the transducer, the beam deflects slightly in response to tension. This produces a voltage signal proportional to tension. The RFA transducer mounts cantilevered on a machine frame and may be connected to an indicator or controller for display or automatic control of web tension.

For the measurement of web widths wider than 4", see the Narrow Web Transducer.

5 year tension-free warranty
• Highly accurate and reliable semiconductor strain gauge technology
• Small enough to meet tight space requirements
• Versatile and easy-to-install
• Wheel face lengths to 4" maximum
• High performance design and materials for long life
• Load Ratings from 10 – 150 lbs (45 – 667N) with wide operating range
• Special wheels are available

• Accurate tension measurement of any narrow web, ribbon or filament
• Improved product quality and consistency from any web or filament process
• Reduced material waste
• Higher production with less downtime

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