Rotary Die Cutting Tension Control

Improve the performance of rotary die cutting machinery with precise, automatic tension control.
Flexible rotary die

Rotary die cutting is a versatile manufacturing process that is used in a variety of industries such as packaging, labels, automotive, medical, electronics, textiles and aerospace. Controlling tension is crucial to ensuring the best die cutting performance in web fed processes. Closed-loop tension control systems maintain constant tension on materials being fed into rotary die cutters. This ensures a smooth, even feed of material, reducing the risk of jams or wrap-ups that can lead to downtime and waste.

Precise tension control utilizing load cell feedback also enhances rotary die cutting accuracy, resulting in a finished product that is more consistent in terms of shape, size and quality. Improvements to quality such as reduced stretching and tearing during material processing also translates into less scrap and more efficient use of materials.

By ensuring a consistent, even feed of material, a closed-loop tension control system also helps to reduce wear and tear on machine components such as rolls, gears, bearings, motors, brakes and dies. These holistic benefits help to preserve registration and die synchronization, while increasing machine life and decreasing maintenance issues.

No matter the rotary die cutting application, maximum productivity and minimum waste is the final goal. DFE offers the highest quality tension sensing transducers and controllers to achieve both consistency and reliability in web material processing.

Typical tension control solutions incorporate:
• A closed-loop tension controller such as the SteadyWeb™ 6
• A load cell such as the Tension Roll® Transducer
• A Pneumatic Brake, Magnetic Particle Brake, Clutch or Motor Drive System

Customers integrating tension control with a PLC most often utilize:
• A load cell signal amplifier such as the TA1 TrueTension™ Amplifier or TA500 Tension Amplifier
• A load cell such as the Tension Roll® Transducer, a pair of convertible load cells such as the Model C Series Transducers or Under Pillow Block Transducers such as the Model F Series

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Application Note: Rotary Die Cutting Tension Control (PDF)