130 Series Dual Disc Pneumatic Brake

Named for its 13" diameter discs, the 130 Series pneumatic brake provides steady tension control within a torque range of 23 to 9,840 lb-inches.

As an integral part of a high-performance unwind package, the 130 Series Brake delivers the appropriate torque level needed for a particular application by allocating actuation of the appropriate number of cylinders, from one up to eight. The term ‘130 Series’ is derived from ‘13’ – the brake diameter in inches, and our use of a third digit to signify the number of cylinders that are installed on the brake.

Featuring heavy-duty, cast iron disc construction and expanded cooling surfaces for rapid heat dissipation, 130-Series brakes also feature DFE’s time-proven Universal Actuator™ technology:

• Hassle-free changeout of worn pads, without tools, via push-button spring locks
• Limited-travel pistons that can’t scratch the disc
• Cylinder return springs that cannot puncture the diaphragm
• Able to be retrofit into dual disc brakes of other manufacturers
• DFE’s popular anti-squeal Silencer™ pad technology

To see if a brake in the 130 Series is the right size for your application please note its torque range listed below and review the 130 Series Brake section of DFE’s full Brake Catalog for detailed sizing information or contact an applications engineer for assistance.


Disc/Hub Inertia: 56.9 slug-in2
Max. Torque: 9,840 lb-inches
Max. Heat Capacity: 32 hp @ 3100 rpm
Disc/Hub Weight: 94.6 lbs
Max. Shipping Weight: 130 lbs
Min. Shaft Length: 7.3 inches
Manufactured in the USA


Non-Standard Key (NSK) – For shafts having a different sized key other than the standardized ones usually used (option)
Mounting Plate – Flat plate for mounting the brake and guard if used
Metric Mounting Bolt – Metric mounting bolts for the actuators
Guard – Safety device to prevent people or objects from touching brake when in motion or hot
Guard Blocks – Allows installation of guard without mounting plate
Valve Assembly – Controls air supply for actuators

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