EasyWeb™ Torque Controller

An open-loop torque controller designed to maintain constant web tension and provide taper tension on center driven rewind or unwind applications.

The EasyWeb™ regulates web tension by controlling motor or brake torque based on varying levels of roll diameter. An Inertia compensation parameter is provided to obtain greater control of web tension during changes in line speed.

The EasyWeb™ can accept signals from a direct diameter sensor or calculate diameter using line and roll speed signals. The user interface provides a bright OLED display for easy viewing in any lighting and viewing angle, while a large front dial allows fast, easy scrolling through the user menu.

The jumper selectable 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA control output allows the EasyWeb™ to control a variety of torque devices to regulate web tension including brakes, clutches, and motors. Output modes are designated as follows:

Drive Output (D)
0-10 VDC compensated output. Used to control AC or DC drives or other variable speed drive systems. This output is isolated from earth ground to make it more compatible with all drives.

Pneumatic Output (P)
Used to actuate any air operated brake or clutch. The standard version includes a servo valve and pressure regulator installed in a separate enclosure.

High Voltage Output (V)
Uses Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR’s) to produce a standard variable voltage of up to 90 VDC to operate any electric brake or clutch, including eddy current clutches.

• Organic LED display
• Menu scroll knob and soft keys for selection
• Wall-mount full enclosure or open panel-mount
• Power inputs: 86-264VAC 60/50 Hz or 24 VDC
• Isolated 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA control output
• Integrated diagnostic tools
• Inertia Compensation
• Automatic and Manual control modes
• Emergency Stop circuit
• Ratio output up and down
• Operator lock-out
• Taper Tension – Tapers tension as roll size increases
• Soft Start
• Standard pulse tachometer line and roll inputs

• 24 VDC or 45 VDC Output (24,45)
• 4-20 mA Current Output (420)
• 230 Volt Power (230)
• Metric Pneumatic Fittings (MPF)
• DC Tachometer line and roll speed cards

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