Pneumatic Brake Accessories

DFE engineered mounting plates, guards and shut-off valves help simplify brake operation and installation.

Brake Installation Kits
Includes bolts, spacers and washers necessary to mount a brake actuator to a DFE mounting plate.  Choose standard or metric thread.

Brake Mounting Plates
Machined from solid aluminum, DFE mounting plates position brake actuators in a static position between both brake disks.  Designed to mount to standard safety chuck bolt patterns.

Safety Guards
Designed to bolt up directly to DFE mounting plates.  Powder-coated steel construction for safety, durability and longevity.

Pneumatic Shut-Off Valves
Manifolds with one to four slide-valves designed to quickly shut off the air supply to individual brake cylinders.  Expands the operational range of any multi-cylinder pneumatic brake.

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