NW Narrow Web Tension Transducer / Load Cell

A shaft-centric, cantilevered idler roll with integrated dual tension sensors for measuring tension in a moving narrow web of paper, film, foil or other substrate.

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance, the Narrow Web Transducer can be used as the sensing mechanism in a web tension control or display system for continuous label, tag or tape processes.

The NW transducer mounts cantilevered on a single-sided machine frame. Precision-balanced load cells fixed internally at each end of the idler roll deliver a highly accurate tension measurement. The dead shaft core and distributed load cell deflection of the NW transducer design delivers exceptional web tracking performance.

By summing the dual load cell outputs together, tension can be measured accurately regardless of the web position on the roll face. Alternatively, in combination with a TriView LRT tension indicator, the NW transducer can report web edge tension characteristics, if needed.

The Narrow Web transducer is available in three roll diameters: 2.25" (57 mm), 3" (76 mm) and 3.5" (89 mm) and in standard lengths up to 20". Custom lengths up to 26" are also available (load ratings must be qualified with a DFE sales engineer).

An optional LED display indicator mounted in the end of the roll is available on 3.5" diameter Narrow Web transducers 8" or longer in length.

5 year tension-free warranty
• Measures accurate tension regardless of web tracking
• Each side of a web can be measured independently (requires an LRT tension indicator)
• Promotes improved product quality and less waste
• Does not affect the web – no steering effect, web breakage or length change
• Idler roll is included, nothing else to buy
• Highly accurate and reliable semiconductor strain gauge technology
• Easy to install
• Optional digital LED display indicator in the end of the roll (3.5" diameter only)
• Optional hard coat anodize roll finish
• Optional stainless steel roll shell
• Custom roll coatings and finishes available

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