Model C Series Tension Load Cells / Tension Transducers

The Model C is a semiconductor strain-gauge tension load cell designed for versatility, accuracy, reliability, easy maintenance and trouble-free installation. Model C transducers are installed in pairs, one on each end of an idler roll shaft. It is the most technically advanced and robust shaft-mounted tension sensor available.

Model C Series tension load cells are the industry standard in semiconductor strain gauge cartridge-type transducer. Available in five mounting styles: Screw, Flange, Pillow-Block, Piloted-Flange and Through-Frame. These rugged and refined transducers can be configured to accommodate both live or dead shaft idler rolls and are available in three cartridge sizes that provide a wide range of load ratings from 10 to 800 lbs. Download the Model C tension load cell data sheet for complete details.

Model C2DPB Transducers with IRL
Pillow-Block Mount Model C Tension Load Cells with Dead Shaft Idler Roll

• Dual cantilevered beam for high accuracy
• Load ratings from 10 – 800 lbs (45 – 3560N)
• High overload capacity – up to 2,500 lbs (11,125N)
• Available with extended range output (XR) for measuring lower minimum tensions
• Paired with a DFE amplifier, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA and Ethernet proportional signal outputs are available

5 year tension-free warranty
• Highly accurate and reliable semiconductor strain gauge technology
• Eliminates guess work and allows for the measurement of precise tension in control and monitoring applications
• Helps reduce or eliminate web breakage, stretching, registration and length problems
• Sealed from dust and moisture; seals are recessed, blocking access from potential damage
• Dual cantilever beam provides high strength and accuracy even at low tension
• Temperature compensated for stable output
• CE marked – meets European low voltage (73/23/EEC) and EMC (89/336/EEC) directives
• Stainless steel and aluminum construction for excellent corrosion resistance
• All mounting styles can be rotated to any position for precise orientation
• Coupling articulation accommodates changes in idler shaft angle and length caused by deflection and temperature variations
• Idler shaft can be removed from transducer without removing transducer from machine on the live (L) split-cap and dead (D) shaft versions

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