Tension Control for Printing Press Applications

Trusted by OEMs, DFE’s tension control equipment can retrofit most web presses.

Dover Flexo Electronics is an OEM supplier of Tension Roll® Transducers, Narrow Web Transducers and Model C Series Transducers for Mark Andy, Nilpeter, HP and other leading flexographic and digital web printing press manufacturers.  Our products, backed by an industry-leading 5 Year Warranty, have earned the trust of press builders and system integrators all over the world.  In addition to supplying new press manufacturers, we have many decades of experience upgrading older presses with turn-key tension control systems or component packages designed to integrate with a PLC.  Some common web printing press models include:

Mark Andy
MA2200, MA4120, MA4150, LP3000, XP5000, Performance Series, Digital Series

FA Series, FB Series, FG Series

AB Graphic
Digicon Series 3

Captain, Commander, ProGlide

700, 1000, 1300, 1700, 1800, 2300

650, 750, 1000, 1125, 1618The Benefits of Upgrading Your Web Printing Press
Tension control is crucial to achieving top efficiency in printing.  When tension is properly controlled, waste and down-time are kept in check by solving registration problems, web breaks, stretching, coating inconsistency and other process defects.  Installing a closed-loop tension control system can also support increased print speeds and broaden the range of applications that can be run on a single press.

Turn-key web printing press tension control systems typically incorporate:
• A closed-loop tension controller such as the SteadyWeb™ 6
• A load cell such as the Tension Roll® Transducer, Narrow Web Transducer or Model C Series Tension Transducers
• A Pneumatic Brake, Electric Brake, Clutch or an electric output to a Motor Drive System

Web printing press component upgrades (used with a PLC) often incorporate:
• A load cell signal amplifier such as the TA1 TrueTension™ amplifier
• A load cell such as the Tension Roll® Transducer, Narrow Web Transducer or a pair of Model C Series Transducers

Trusted Installer Network
DFE’s turn-key tension control systems are designed to be easy to install by an end user. However, some customers may prefer to work with a systems integrator that can provide on-site support and manage the upgrade process from start to finish. For this reason, we maintain a network of trusted installers throughout the country that can assess customers’ individual needs and provide the personal attention necessary to guarantee a successful outcome.

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