Custom Load Cells, Controls and More

If our standard products fall short of your project requirements our Special Product Division is ready to design the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Custom Tension Roll® Finishes
Polyurethane covered, plasma coated, hard coat anodized or polished to a mirror finish – DFE offers a variety of roll surfaces to fit your requirements.

TrueView™ 1100 Tension Indicator Multi-Pack
DFE can package several touchscreen indicators into a single enclosure, providing a convenient HMI station to monitor and interact with multiple tension zones.

Segmented Tension Roll®
The Segmented Tension Roll® Transducer is a series of parallel load cell rollers affixed to a common dead shaft.  The STR is designed to measure up to 10 independent tension zones and up to 20 individual data points.

All Stainless Steel Tension Transducers
DFE load cells can be custom engineered to survive highly caustic and wet environments with the utilization of all stainless steel construction.

Tension Transducers with Vacuum Compensation
DFE load cells can be custom engineered to properly vent and mitigate outgassing for use in vacuum chambers.

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