Model F Series Tension Load Cell / Tension Transducer

The Model F is heavy-duty tension load cell used with pillow-block bearings to accurately measure web, wire or cable tension in applications that use live shaft idler rolls or pulleys.

Model F Series  tension load cells mount under pillow-block bearings at each end of an idler roll shaft. Designed for use in demanding tension measurement environments, the Model F tension transducer’s shell has a one-piece aluminum base with a removable stainless steel top plate. A rubber seal between the base and top plate prevents water ingress and dust contamination to IP65 standards. The tension sensor’s electrical connector is located at the end of a short cable for simpler access during installation.

The Model F is available in a V (vertical) configuration for use when the applied force is roughly perpendicular to the top plate of the load cell. It is also available in an H (horizontal) configuration for use when the applied force is closer to parallel to the load cell top plate.

The Model F is available in two sizes2 and 3, and mounts on a flat surface using one bolt (size 2) or two bolts (size 3) on each end. Load ratings range from 100 to 1,200 lbs in the size 2 and 1,000 to 7,500 lbs in the size 3 (7,500 lb load rating in H configuration only).

5 year tension-free warranty
• Highly accurate and reliable semiconductor strain gauge technology
• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum construction
• Attached cable with amphenol connector
• Tethered top plate safety feature prevents separation from transducer in the unlikely event of beam breakage
• Robust overload protection – load stops limit beam deflection to 125% of rated output
• Designed to meet CE mark requirements for Measurement & Control equipment: EN61326 for EMI
• Designed to meet the IP65 standard for ingress protection

• Low-maintenance design
• Entire length of top plate is clear for pillow-block installation
• Can be installed in any orientation
• Mechanical stop provides protection from overloads
• Splash resistant
• Use with live-shaft or dead-shaft idler rolls

• Drill and Tap (D&T) – Drill and tap the top plate
• Extended Range output (XR) – Produces twice the output signal for a given load rating
• Oversized Top Plate (OTP) – For mounting of oversized pillow-block bearing
• Permanently Attached Cable with Tinned Leads (PT) – Replaces standard pigtail cable connector with flying leads

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