Aluminum Idler Rollers

Classic and Low-Inertia Dead Shaft Idler Rolls.

DFE’s precision-machined idler rolls are manufactured to exacting standards and are perfect for installation on web presses and converting machinery.

Classic dead shaft idler rolls are available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inch diameters.  The classic idler design incorporates a robust 0.5 inch roll shell wall thickness and 1.25 inch shaft diameter.  These attributes support performance in high tension applications or the need for periodic roll resurfacing.

Low-inertia dead shaft idler rolls deliver 40% reduced moment of inertia and are available in 3 inch diameter with 0.75 inch shafting.  The cantilevered version is flange-mounted, matching the bolt circle and offset of our Narrow Web Tension Transducer (size 1 & 2).

DFE idler rolls used in combination with shaft-mounted load cells such as Model C tension transducers, or Narrow Web transducers ensure a tension measurement system that delivers maximum performance and longevity.

• Available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch outside roll diameter
• 16 RMS or better roll finish
• 1.25" diameter TGP steel shaft (Classic)
• 0.75" diameter stainless steel shaft (Low-Inertia)
• Balanced to G 2.5 at 500 RPM (or as specified)
• Shielded bearings

• Drilled & tapped shaft ends, specify thread size
• Flats on shaft ends, with radial holes
• Custom roll surface finishes and treatments available

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