Aluminum Idler Rollers

Classic and Low Inertia Dead Shaft Idler Rolls.

DFE's precision-machined rolls are manufactured to exacting standards and are perfect for installation on web presses and converting machinery. Classic dead shaft idler rolls are available in 3", 4", 5" and 6" diameter.  Low-inertia dead shaft idler rolls are available in 3" diameter.

Combine with shaft-mounted load cells such as Model C tension transducers to create a high-performance tension measurement system.

Available to ship in as little as 1 week.

• 3", 4", 5", and 6" outside roll diameters
• 16 RMS or better roll finish
• TGP steel shaft
• Plain shaft ends
• Balanced to G 2.5 at 500 RPM (or as specified)
• Shielded bearings

• Drilled & tapped shaft ends, specify thread size
• Flats on shaft ends, with radial holes
• Custom roll surface finishes and treatments available

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