Tension Controllers & Torque Controllers

A closed-loop tension controller receives feedback from load cells measuring exact tension and adjusts torque and speed to maintain a pre-selected tension setpoint. An open-loop torque controller measures roll diameter with a distance sensor and adjusts torque output proportionately to maintain an approximate tension level.


The full-featured SteadyWeb 6™ closed-loop digital tension controller combines an easy-to-use color touchscreen interface with an impressive list of control options and capabilities.

Closed-loop controllers dynamically adjust torque or speed to maintain a tension setpoint based on load cell feedback. Load cells measure actual tension, enabling the highest level of performance in unwind, rewind and intermediate control zones.


The EasyWeb™ Torque Controller is an open-loop system designed to maintain constant web tension and provide taper tension on center driven rewind or unwind applications.

Open-loop torque controllers manage tension by adjusting torque output in concert with an observable change in diameter as a material roll is wound or unwound. Torque controllers are an improvement over manual control, but fall short of the performance of closed-loop systems.

All DFE tension controllers and torque controllers are manufactured in the USA and backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty.