TI20 iAMP™ Inline Tension Amplifier

A small, easy to conceal signal amplifier for use with tension transducers.
Product Status: Discontinued
End Date: June 15, 2011
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The iAMP™ is a compact amplifier / interface module that connects directly (via standard industrial connectors) to DFE tension transducers, or “inline” on transducer connector cables. iAmp’s function is to convert millivolt-level transducer output signals to a 0-10 VDC and a 0-1 mA signal proportional to tension. Using an iAmp module is a simple alternative to mounting a larger, less flexible electronics device – usually a transducer-interface circuit card or complete indication package – on a press or machine frame for tension monitoring. Because it is easily hidden, the iAmp is an ideal tension amplifier for OEMs and system integrators.

Easy to zero and calibrate, the iAmp is powered by 24 VDC, supplies a 5V excitation voltage to the transducers it connects to and accepts DFE transducer output from 0-500 mVDC. Each user-friendly, lock-fit amplifier module also supplies a 0-1 mA signal proportional to tension for analog meter readout and 0-10 VDC for direct use by a motor-drive, PLC or other control device. iAmp is available in a direct-connect configuration to mount directly onto DFE transducer connectors. It is also available as an ‘inline’ amplifier to be plugged onto transducer connector cables. Male iAmp connectors mate to DFE’s standard cable-end connectors for the corresponding transducer types.

Wiring Configuration Compatibility (Gen 1 / Gen 2)

iAMP™iAMP 2™
TI20-F2CTI22-C with Y-Cable P/N: 723-0900
TI22-F1LTI22-C with Interconnect Cable P/N: 721-1841

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