E10 Analog Tension Controller (Discontinued)

An automatic rewind tension controller with 0-24, 0-45 or 0-90 VDC output.

Product Status: Discontinued
End Date: 1993
Recommended Replacement:

The E10 is an automatic closed-loop rewind tension controller of advanced design. It compares the actual tension, measured by DFE strain gauge transducers, to the desired tension, set by the operator. The difference between the actual and desired tension produces a compensated DC voltage output, which is used to vary the torque produced by the rewind clutch. Voltage ranges for all popular clutches are available.

All operator devices are mounted in an aluminum legend plate on the hinged cover of the industrial quality steel enclosure. If the enclosure is not needed, the controller can be supplied as a pre-wired and tested unit, with the legend plate connected to the electronics panel with a wire harness. A large tension meter displays actual tension, in pounds. The legend plate includes an output voltage meter.

Operation of the E10 is simple. The operator turns the tension set point knob until the desired tension is shown on the meter. The controller will automatically maintain this tension regardless of changes in web speed or roll diameter.
A separate manual circuit is provided, with a tracking circuit which allows bumpless switching between Manual and Auto. Sample & Hold and Multiply/Divide circuits provide smooth operation during flying splices.

Construction of the E10 is modular. All electrical connections to the circuit cards are made by terminal strips which can be unplugged, allowing for quick and easy replacement. Test points on all cards make troubleshooting convenient.

Designed with safe operation in mind, the E10 includes a positive disconnection of the clutch, by a relay in the Tension On/Off circuit. This relay can be operated by an optional circuit to provide automatic interruption of voltage to the clutch if a web break or unusually high tension occurs.

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