E11 Automatic Turret Rewind Control System

An automatic rewind tension controller with turret control capability and 0-45 or 0-90 VDC output.
Product Status: Discontinued
End Date: 1995
Recommended Replacements:
SteadyWeb™ 6 Digital Tension Controller1
Note1: Does Not Replace Flying Splice Functionality

The E11 is a complete turret rewind control system that includes an automatic tension controller of advanced design, a core speed matching circuit and flying-splice sequencing circuits, complete with pushbuttons and switches.

Web tension is measured by DFE tension transducers and displayed on a large meter which is calibrated to read actual total web tension. To adjust tension, turn the tension set knob until the desired value is displayed on the meter. The controller will automatically maintain this tension regardless of changes in web speed or roll diameter. A Manual output adjustment circuit is also provided. A tracking circuit allows bumpless switching between Auto and Manual.

Automatic control of flying splice operations is provided by a speed regulator which matches the surface speed of the core to the web speed, and a logic circuit which sequences turret rotation and knife operation and transfers automatic tension control to the new core. The machine operator need only press one button to make a flying splice.

The enclosure is heavy steel with a hinged cover. All operator devices are mounted on a thick aluminum legend plate on the cover. If the enclosure is not needed, the controller can be supplied as a pre-wired and tested unit with the legend plate connected to the electronics panel by a wire harness.

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