E9 Analog Tension Controller

An automatic tension controller with 0-10 VDC output.
Product Status: Discontinued
End Date: 1995
Recommended Replacements:

The E9 is a closed loop automatic tension controller of advanced design. It compares the actual tension, measured by DFE strain gauge tension transducers, to the desired tension, set by the operator. The difference between the actual tension and the desired tension produces a compensated reference signal, between 0 and 10 volts DC, to increase or decrease the output of the device being controlled. Both the high and low ends of the 0-10 VDC reference signal can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the application.

In its standard configuration the E9’s output will go high if the actual tension is below the set point, and will go low if the actual tension is too high. A reverse output option is available.

The E9 is easy to use. The operator turns the tension set point adjustment until the tension is at the desired level. Operation of the controller is then automatic. The reference signal will be constantly adjusted to maintain tension at the desired level.

The E9 is packaged in an industrial quality steel enclosure, with all operator devices mounted in an aluminum legend plate on the hinged front cover. If desired, the E9 can be supplied without an enclosure, with the built-up legend plate connected to the elec­tronic subplate by a wire harness. Several standard and optional voltage and current options allow the E9 to interface with computers and recorders.

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