SteadyWeb™ Analog Tension Controller (Discontinued)

Includes SteadyWeb™, SteadyWeb™ 2 and SteadyWeb™ 12 Series Analog Tension Controllers.

Product Status: Discontinued
End Date: 2015
Recommended Replacement:

A large selection of standard and optional features makes SteadyWeb™ controllers the most advanced and versatile in the industry. The SteadyWeb™ controller is fully automatic. An operator sets the tension set point control to the desired tension. The transducers measure actual tension. The controller compares actual tension with desired tension and adjusts torque output of the brake, clutch or drive to make actual tension the same as desired tension.

The controller automatically compensates for speed changes, roll diameter changes and other factors. Web tension is displayed on a large analog or digital meter so the operator can see it easily at a glance. SteadyWeb™ controllers feature soft start and bumpless auto/manual switching. Sample/hold and multiply/divide circuits provide smooth operation during flying splices on either unwind or rewind locations.

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