TensionManager™ Digital Tension Controller (Discontinued)

A digital tension controller that combines automated closed-loop process control with modular expansion capability.

Product Status: Discontinued
End Date: August 9, 2007

The TensionManager™ is a flexible, digital control system, built to be easily configured for any web press or process machinery application. Its base version is an efficient single-board control module in an enclosure. Additional compact, DIN-rail modules can extend the Control Module’s functionality and are connected as add-ons if required. Designed specifically to reduce cost and optimize existing space for machinery builders and OEM’s, the TensionManager™ is the perfect alternative to full-featured, integrated tension controllers that come in a single enclosure with a built-in operator interface. The TensionManager™ has three standard output versions:

D Version: 0-10 VDC. Control Module only.

P Version: 75 psi. Control Module and Pneumatic output module.

V Version: 0-90 VDC. Control Module and High Voltage module.

The TensionManager™ may be set up and operated through a variety of available user interfaces including DFE’s PCLink™ software running on a PC or a laptop. The controller requires a minimum of tuning and operator adjustment.

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