WebHandler™ & WebHandler™ 2 Tension Controller (Discontinued)

An analog tension controller that combines automated closed-loop process control with an easy-to-use operator interface.

Product Status: Discontinued
End Date: April 11, 2019

The WebHandler™ 2 is a low-cost automatic tension controller. It provides the superior performance of a high-end control system in a small, no frills package. This analog controller takes a tension signal from tension transducers and displays total web tension on an analog meter. Whether used in unwind, intermediate or rewind zones, the WebHandler™ 2 automatically maintains a pre-selected level of web tension by sending a compensating output signal to a tensioning device such as a brake, clutch or motor drive. Options are available as add-ons.

The WebHandler™ 2 is available in three versions with each featuring different outputs:

D: 0-10 VDC compensated output for use with adjustable speed DC and AC drives. Used in all tension zones; unwind, rewind and intermediate.

V: 0-90 VDC output. For use with all types of electrical brakes and clutches, including eddy current clutches. Also available with 24 and 45 VDC output. Commonly used in the unwind or rewind zones.

P: 0-75 psi output for use with pneumatic clutches and brakes. Most commonly used in the unwind and rewind zones.

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