Tension Transducers / Load Cells

Precision-manufactured DFE tension load cells feature semiconductor strain gauge technology, providing superior performance and reliability.

Model C Series Tension Transducer

Model C transducers (load cells) are the industry standard for performance, utilizing highly-sensitive and durable semi-conductor strain-gauges. Available in five mounting styles with live shaft or dead shaft couplings. Load ratings from 10 to 800 lbs.

TR Tension Roll® Transducer

The Tension Roll® transducer, or TR, is a complete tension measurement system incorporating two load cells within an idler roll built to your specifications.  The one piece design allows for quick and easy installation in most converting machines.  Available in 2.25", 3", 4", 5" and 6" diameters and roll lengths from 6" to 120".  Load ratings from 12 to 400 lbs.

STR Segmented Tension Roll®

The Segmented Tension Roll® transducer is a specialty idler roll assembly capable of measuring tension on multiple web strands. Well-suited for slitter-rewinder systems or precision web applications where multiple data points must be recorded across a continuous web width.  Per segment load ratings from 12 to 50 lbs.

NW Narrow Web Tension Transducer

Precision-balanced load cells fixed internally at each end of the idler roll deliver a highly accurate tension measurement. The cantilever mounted dead shaft core and distributed load cell deflection of the NW transducer design delivers exceptional web tracking performance. Load ratings from 12 to 400 lbs.

Model F Series Tension Transducer

For those measurement applications with a high tension requirement or operation in harsh environments.  The Model F transducer features DFE's semiconductor strain gauge technology for high sensitivity and reliability.  For use on machines with live shaft idler rolls mounted in pillow-block bearings.  IP65 rated for dust and moisture ingress.  Load ratings from 100 to 10,000 lbs (horizontal version).

VNW Very Narrow Web Tension Transducer

The VNW Very Narrow Web transducer is a compact tension sensing device for measuring process tension in narrow web (up to 4 inches wide), ribbon or filament. The VNW transducer combines the robust and versatile design of DFE's time-proven Model C shaft-end transducers with a choice of mounting styles and wheel options from the RFA-style cantilevered transducers.  Load ratings from 10 to 400 lbs.

RFA Ribbon Filament Tension Transducer

The RFA Ribbon Filament Transducers are designed to measure tension in any moving ribbon, filament, or very narrow web. Ideal for wire, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, composite or other flexible substrates.  load ratings from 10-150 lbs.  Minimum calibration scale: 0-200g (10 lb load rating).

LT Low Tension Transducer

Strong, compact LT Low Tension Transducers that convert filament or web tension into a D.C. voltage proportional to tension. Typically used in filament winding, fiber processing and materials' applications that require tension control at very low levels.  Load ratings from 50 to 2000 grams.